Two bodies craving,
Four hands longing for warmth,
We were in love.
That’s what it felt like,
Until the foundation on 
which we stood, began to crumble.

Two bodies repelling,
Four hands scratching at each others scars.
We were lost.
That’s what it felt like,
until we slipped into bed
next to each other, sleeping like we were


Two bodies pieced together.
Four hands with fingers laced,
But minds and hearts
a    p    a    r    t



Sand melts, molten solidifies

But does not crystalize.

It keeps transparent, functioning

as a lens, aiding those who cannot see.

Magnifying, so details are uncovered.

Wrapped up in a frame, enabling those in to escape,


Or those out, to peer in.

Discovering things not present on the surface.

Allowing exposure to hidden secrets.

Gaining access to the vulnerable.


The brittle see-through substance

Can reveal too much, fracturing.


But broken windows do not always shatter,

Cracks can cause crevices,

But the glass can remain together.